MSU-Sulu Vision and Mission


“A World Class academe excelling in Agri-fishery and Applied Science and Technology for the Inclusive Development and Transformation of Sulu and the BARMM.”


"We produce highly competitive professionals through proficiency-driven instruction; generate useful research outputs in agro-fishery and applied science and technology, and develop pockets of growth areas through responsive extension services; thereby contributing to the inclusive socio-economic transformation of Sulu and the BARMM."


To actualize our vision, mission and goals, MSU-Sulu chooses to be GREAT by upholding and advancing the following values:

Gentility – Interacting in the best manner with utmost courtesy and candour to colleagues and its clientelist.

Reliability – Engaging in collaborative efforts along collective and unified university goals.

Exemplary Service – Effectiveness in instruction, research, extension and efficiency in student services.

Accountability – Willingness to own responsibility for one’s performance and work outputs.

Trustworthy – Firm adherence to a moral code of actuating on what is right and ensure the fulfilment of duties and responsibilities


GOAL-1: Enhanced quality of students and graduates.
GOAL-2: Adequate and competitive learning facilities and equipment and conducive learning environment.

GOAL-3: Responsive and useful research outputs and publications.

GOAL-4: Pockets of growth and productivity through effective extension services are established in Sulu.

GOAL-5: World class and highly motivated faculty and staff.

GOAL-6: Strong and financially sustainable institution.

GOAL-7: Strengthening Peace Building and Advocacy.

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