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A top-tier center of learning for communications technology in southern Mindanao, manned with experts and specialists in network systems and software engineering, aimed at producing highly competent graduates inculcated with professional values.


Provide quality information technology-based education system with the objective of preparing our graduates to become responsive to the needs of society and with the spirit to thrive in a digital interconnected community.

College of Computer Studies shall adhere to:

- Continue professional development of the personnel to ensure academic exellence.

- Prepare highly qualified professionals in technological advancements.

- Create linkages to enhance technological knowledge in remote communities.


The College of Computer Studies aims to establish MSU-Sulu as the leading producer of competent graduates and strive to be center of excellence in Computer Science and Information Technology.


- To furnish the college with high-end technologies.

- To promote faculty and non-teaching staff development program.

- To nourish students' intellectual skills in research and emerging technologies.

- To elevate students' creative thinking through technology.

- To equip students with high quality learning experiance for the challenges of digital era.

Programs Offored:
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) is a four-year program that includes the study of computing concepts and theories, algorithmic foundations, and new developments in computing. The program prepares its students to design and create algorithmically complex software and develop new and effective algorithms for solving computing problems.

The program includes the study of the standards and practices in Software Engineering. It prepares students to acquire skills and disciplines required for designing, writing, and modifying software components, modules, and applications that comprise software solutions.
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Bachelor of Science ni Information Technology (BSIT)

The BS Information Technology (BSIT) program includes the study of the utilization of both hardware and software technologies involving planning, installing, customizing, operating, managing and administering, and maintaining information technology infrastructure that provides computing solutions to address the needs of an organization.

The program prepares graduates to address various user needs involving the selection, development, application, integration and management of computing technologies within an organization.
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