READ: Chancellor Abdurahman's Message on 46th Commencement Exercises

MSU-Sulu Class of 2022, as the first home grown chancellor and an alumnus of this university, I could not have been prouder nor have known better honor than being able to congratulate you today.

Having thrive the uncertainties and turbulence of a global pandemic, your batch is no less than extraordinary. Together, you have shown that "our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by how we react to it nor is it decided by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life." With ample intellectual fortitude and wholistic principles, you all have proven that pursuing higher education is non-negotiable no matter how much our academic life in the university shifted and our way of life is disrupted.

I am confident that your professors, parents, guardians, family and friends - all of whom that have inspired and helped you arrive at this momentous occasion of your life are overjoyed in seeing you all a step closer to your chosen career path, for this moment is the fruit of their hidden sacrifices and unconditional love.

Class of 2022, as you embark into the real world, no matter how chaotic, uncertain and unparallel it is, just bear in mind that you are not in this world by chance. You all have a purpose. You are MSUans who are meant to grow into mountains and not shrink into a grain of sand. You are meant to soar the highest skies and not to stay idle on the ground.

Again, warmest felicitations and may you all be GREAT.

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